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I like to stand outside during thunderstorms until I become totally soaked and have to go back inside to change my clothes. YAY summer storm!!!
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there is entirely too much talk of menopause in my office. FOR GOD'S SAKE LADIES, I'M 23, I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT!!!!
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we just got internet in the house!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!! it's been six months since I had access at my residence to the net. GOOD FREAKIN GOD
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back in georgia

Well, I'm back in Georgia after graduating and vacating, rather, taking a vacation. Graduation was fun, though dominated by wrangling the family instead of chilling with friends, but hey, what are you gonna do. While I was gone, though, the two plants I have in my office seem to have given birth to a third, tiny little cyclamen plant... I keep waiting for the "IT'S A PLANT!" banner to show up and magical little cigars to appear. No one seems to know where it came from. Odd.
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I graduate college this weekend, the day after I turn 23. Yikes. The effect is dampened by the fact that I'm living 1,000 miles away from my college with a salaried, full-time job, but, whatevs man. WHATEVS!!!! EEEK!!!!
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to meme or not to meme? yes, to meme

1. Total number of films I own on DVD/Video:

Just a rough guesstimate, but I'd say about a 100 or so. Including TV series on DVD. Compared to other people on LJ, I now clearly don't own enough DVDs! Alas...

2. The last film I bought:

-TV on DVD, Futurama Vol. 4 (and that was a while ago! why aren't I shopping for DVDs more???)
-Real movie, The Stuff (off ebay for $.99) ((if you can CALL that a real movie... but I do!))

3. The last film I watched:

-In the theater, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
-On DVD, Play Misty For Me.

4. Five films that mean a lot to me:

Big Trouble in Little China - I've seen this film hundreds of times, starting when my family got it on Laserdisc when I was about 5 years old. My appreciation for it has only grown over the years - it works on the surface as cartoony action movie, but the more you watch, the more you notice the details, particularly the references to Hong Kong cinema. It's the original Kill Bill... okay I'll stop ranting now. You know what Jack Burton always says...

Futurama - While not technically a film, I own all four volumes of this show and watch it obsessively, even ritualistically. I'm not sure why, besides its overall awesomeness... maybe the color palette. Or Bender. not sure.

Annie Hall - I know all the words. Enough said. I could go on about it being the seminal text in modern jewish life, but that rant would be lame and probably wrong. It's just a skilfully made, incisively funny film, and I love it. It has echoed several relationships I've been in, and every time I watch it I see something newly relevant to the situation I'm in.

Ghostbusters - Another 80s camp classic that I can't live without - who DOESN'T love the Ghostbusters that was born in the 80's (or late 70's, I guess)? Also a film that has gotten better with age, away from the initial tidal wave of success, spinoffs and the accompanying overexposure.

Night of the Living Dead - I have always loved horror movies, since I was a kid sneaking The Re-Animator and The Evil Dead from my dad's laserdisc collection. But this is the first one I wrote a paper on, and the first one that I really felt that I understood, intellectually and artistically.
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my thought processes

[working working working, notices empty can of diet coke splenda on desk]
oh, I should take that to the recycling thing in the kitchen
in fact I will do that now or I will forget it and it will sit there for an embarrassingly long length of time
[gets up, takes coke can, gets halfway down hall to kitchen]
hmmm, i should take water bottle and fill it up from water cooler in kitchen, thus accomplishing two tasks in one trip
i'm brilliant!
[goes back to office, takes water bottle]
la da dee, i'm so efficient in my task-doing
task-doing is not really a word, dude
okay, efficient in my ... in my... just efficient. i'm so efficient.
yeah okay, LAME
[gets to kitchen, tosses coke can in recycling bin, fills up water bottle]
i need cooler things to think about. or a thesaurus in my head.
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We just found a baby rat snake in the stairwell of our office... EEEEEEEEK!!!!! EWEEWEWEWE !!! yet fascinating...
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